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Mirna and Microwave Popcorn

I’m on the road this weekend – doing work that I love.  And then this happened. As I stumbled into your hotel, my feet were tired from being stuffed into fashionable cowboy boots for the past 11 hours. My body was longing for a hot shower, crisp sheets, and an easy cell phone conversation with […]

The Sacrament of Tacos

Walking around the school track in the dusk that follows a November football practice, we are taking care of final details before picking up the oldest son and heading home for dinner. . . It has been a long day for at least three of us. A long stretch of weeks for us all. Tonight’s […]

New Year – New Rhythms

Over the past couple of weeks I have witnessed through social media and in person at Bare Bulb Coffee all sorts of people marking a new year with planning, prioritizing, and strategizing for 2015.   Most have done this with a cup of coffee nearby (as documented in their newsletters, Instagram feeds, and on their blogs). […]