Nichole Collins MacMillan

Nichole Collins MacMillan

Hospitality, Hope, and the Sacrament of Tacos


Nikki headshotWho Is She?

Nikki Collins MacMillan, like most of us, is a juggler.

She’s made her living as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  Her resume includes all of the bits and pieces you would expect of a Presbyterian pastor. She earned an interdisciplinary degree in psychology and religion from Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia.  Her M.Div. is from Union Theological Seminary and the Presbyterian School of Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia.  She served congregations in Idaho, Arkansas, and Georgia.  Five years ago, she worked with a team of volunteers to launch Bare Bulb Coffee, a non-profit coffee shop and mission outpost in Warner Robins, Georgia where she served as Chief Percolator – a tongue-in-cheek title meaning that she made sure the coffee was hot and that there was someone around with whom anyone off the streets could brew good ideas.  The richness of Nikki’s professional experience is marked not by titles or credentials but by the earthy stuff of commuting to work in the Idaho back country by 4×4 truck, making friends with brave women in  Guatemala, rocking babies in church nurseries, praying in moments of death and pain, and creating clever coffee drinks and awesome quiches. Nikki currently works as a coach and consultant to individuals, non-profits, churches, and pastors seeking to find new ways to engage and serve their communities.  She offers private spiritual direction and personal coaching and writes and speaks about new forms of Christian mission and unexpected partnerships for transformative relationships.

She makes her life mothering two teenage boys, having fascinating conversations with their dad, shepherding wayward cats and dogs, digging in the dirt, practicing yoga and centering prayer, shopping at farmers’ markets, strolling beaches, paddling a little red kayak, playing tennis, and developing what her husband hails as the “best pimento cheese recipe in the history of the known universe.”

Nikki’s home is in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A New Year’s Eve Prayer

As I stand on the edge of a new thing, I bow to what you have begun in me: the work and the blessings of the year now done the brokenness you promise to redeem the struggle through which you promise to reshape me the balm of laughter the wonder of growing children the steadfast […]

Pregnant with Promise

Scripture Passages: Micah 5:2-5 Luke 1:39-55               Before she was ever given her sky blue dress. . . Before her face ever graced the ceilings of cathedrals, basilicas, and altar pieces. . . Before prayers were uttered in her name and her likeness was pressed into medallions and carved […]

Losing My Religion

  This week’s sermon was scheduled to be part of a celebration service in which First Presbyterian Church in Cohutta marked several significant milestones in the life of the congregation: retirements, graduations, a birth.  However, at the beginning of the week, a member of the congregation died, and the celebration was delayed for a time […]

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