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Ordinary Blessings

IMG_3421A few years ago, I participated in a one day retreat with clergy colleagues.  We learned a bit about Celtic spirituality and the Celt’s reverence for the most ordinary parts of daily life – chopping the wood, laying the fire, washing the clothes.   I continue to reap the benefits of that day’s conversation in my own growing awareness of the Spirit in my everyday.  I recently unearthed two blessings I wrote during that retreat in my first efforts to hallow my experience of the most basic moments of my life.  I share them here in hopes of inspiring you to give thanks – to bless to you – your sacred ordinary.


Bless to me my dishwasher

For its faithful and tireless

Performance of a thankless chore

For its diligence in wiping clean

What we have left behind

For its cheerful sending of me

To snuggle on the couch with

Freshly bathed little boys

For its freeing of my hands to be

Wrapped around cool

Shoulders in an evening embrace

To tuck in

To fold in prayer

To hold a book

To rest under a pillow


May the dishwasher swallow the rich crumbs of laughter and love

Shared around the table.




Bless to me my kitchen table

May it safely secure this day’s mail

That which arrives with stamps

and that which is found crumpled in the bottom of little boy book bags.

May it support the after-school efforts in math, spelling, and reading.

May it provide a warm cradle for the food that will sustain us for another day.

May it hold with love the joys and aches shared over its reach.

May it bless us with home.

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