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What do they eat in Missouri?

UGA vs Mizzou Tailgate Menu


Planning this week’s Tailgate Menu has prompted another round conversation with my family of fans.  The topic is

“Why is Mizzou in the SEC anyway?” 

We do this every year and you can rest assured I’m not going there in this blog.



I have bigger problems.

Namely, what do they eat in Missouri? 

I have a tailgate to plan!

My work is taking me to St. Louis the day after the game, but that’s a little late for me to find inspiration for a Saturday night football feast.  I’ve never traveled to the Show Me State, so I don’t have the memory of a great meal to use as inspiration.

So I do what I always do.



Perhaps that my favorite recipe source, Southern Living, has a selection of recipes from Missouri should help my skeptical son who is certain that the state is neither southern nor eastern.  (Don’t get me wrapped up in this, please.  I just want to cook and watch a game!)  The point is, when I found that my favorite magazine has a list of Missouri recipes, I knew I would have winners.


Just a few minutes of surfing yielded a really fun menu and some delightful information. I learned Missouri is not just the home of fabulous Kansas City Style Ribs.  It is also the source of frozen custard, the McDonald’s Happy Meal, and the soft drink 7-Up which makes an appearance in quite a few of the state’s favorite recipes.


At our house, I’ll ll take a swing at the ribs – assuming I can get the fire right on the grill.  If not, we will be loading up on the other Missouri claim to fame – toasted ravioli which isn’t toasted at all but fried.  My friend Susan once gave me a recipe for a salad with “toasted” ravioli on top.  I say if you can have that AND croutons, it must be the best salad ever.  For my crowd, though, we can skip the greens.  I’ll just have some dipping bowls of marinara sauce and lots of napkins.


This week’s menu includes an adult beverage because it must be tried.  It’s called Kansas City Ice Water and involves gin, vodka, limes, and a bit of 7-Up.  I have to say, that’s got to be a step up from that old favorite CC and 7!  The kiddos can make do with just the 7.

If you have too many cocktails, apparently, Missouri has its own favorite hangover food called a Slinger, but my 45-year-old self is just too advanced for that nonsense.  Besides, given that cooking with a headache is often a bad idea, I would recommend Waffle House.  You won’t see me there.  I work on Sundays….


After all my searching, I did discover some great St. Louis spots to check out while I am in town next week.  I’ll let you know what I find.

Whatever is on the menu, you can bet I’ll still be wearing Red!

Go Dawgs!


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  • donna on October 14, 2017

    Go Dawgs. Will miss celebrating with u Sat. and on Sun. too. Enjoy the ravioli…its pretty dam_ good. xx

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