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A New Year’s Eve Prayer

As I stand on the edge of a new thing,

I bow to what you have begun in me:

the work and the blessings of the year now done

the brokenness you promise to redeem

the struggle through which you promise to reshape me

the balm of laughter

the wonder of growing children

the steadfast generosity of your most faithful witnesses

the mystery of marriage.

It is all yours and you are in the midst of it all.


And so it is.

Just as you have come this year so you will come in the next:

in the hurting and the happy

in the two steps forward

and also in the one step back

in all that grows and flourishes

and in all that dies and falls to the ground.

Grant me the grace of open eyes that I might recognize you in it all

and bow to the wonders of your love.

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