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Open Mic Matters

Open Mic from the board    Since opening in 2010, Open Mic has been a vital part of what makes Bare Bulb Coffee a special place in Middle Georgia. From our first host Ben Robins who got us started with a weekly show, countless volunteers have set speakers and tuned guitars. We’ve heard original songs, silly jokes, and inspired covers. At the end of every night, we are always amazed and the depth and breadth of talent we’ve witnessed.



With four years of Open Mic experience under our belt, we have learned a few things about what a regular showcase of local talent means for us and for our community.


  1. Everyone has something to share. Our stage has been home to poets, rappers, cellists, and garage bands. Performers range in age from seven to seventy. All are welcome.
  2. Listening is a gift too. Taking the stage wouldn’t be fun at all without a great audience. Our audience provides a steady stream of encouragement and energy.
  3. The people in the background are key to a great night. Our volunteers who set the stage and run sound are the backbone of Open Mic. Their heavy lifting begins hours before the show and continues until the last cable is rolled up. We could not do it without them. Period.
  4. A great host is one who builds energy, offers encouragement, and connects the crowd and the performers. Our hosts have become coaches and mentors for young performers.
  5. Sometimes a 3 song set turns into a music career. We’re not Nashville or Atlanta but we’ve watched several of “our” Open Mic regulars grow from their early performances to releasing CDs and launching tours. How cool is that?


We’ve been told time and again what a gift Open Mic is to the Middle Georgia area. It’s family friendly. It’s smoke and alcohol free. It’s inclusive and supportive. It’s quality entertainment and real opportunity for area performers. It’s a gift we are glad to give.


It’s also a gift to us. It’s just fun to have so many people crammed into our shop. It’s our chance to catch up with old friends, to brew coffee to a live and local beat.

Open Mic is a monthly opportunity for us to watch our community shine, and that is why we are here.

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