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My friend Stephanie knows about things I don’t.  She flies airplanes for a living.  She embodies courage and an openness to change that is far beyond me.  Today, she is flexing her theological blogging muscle and shares her thoughts below.  She knows a thing or two about what she writes – and a whole lot […]

Choice and Challenge

  Before anyone gets impressed by our accepting of a week-long SNAP challenge, it’s important for me to acknowledge some of the interruptions that have affected our family’s experiment. It’s Wednesday confession time. The temptations to stretch the budget started before the challenge ever began: Mother’s Day. That’s was the official start date of the […]

Feeding My Family Is Not A SNAP

Wholesome Wave Georgia is sponsoring a SNAP Challenge this week.  (SNAP stands for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the challenge is to eat on the average SNAP benefit of $4.17/person/day for a week.)  My family has decided to take part (well, really, I decided on behalf of my family).  I’m planning to write about our […]

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