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A New Year’s Eve Prayer

As I stand on the edge of a new thing, I bow to what you have begun in me: the work and the blessings of the year now done the brokenness you promise to redeem the struggle through which you promise to reshape me the balm of laughter the wonder of growing children the steadfast […]

Pregnant with Promise

Scripture Passages: Micah 5:2-5 Luke 1:39-55               Before she was ever given her sky blue dress. . . Before her face ever graced the ceilings of cathedrals, basilicas, and altar pieces. . . Before prayers were uttered in her name and her likeness was pressed into medallions and carved […]

Losing My Religion

  This week’s sermon was scheduled to be part of a celebration service in which First Presbyterian Church in Cohutta marked several significant milestones in the life of the congregation: retirements, graduations, a birth.  However, at the beginning of the week, a member of the congregation died, and the celebration was delayed for a time […]

The Sacrament of Tacos

Walking around the school track in the dusk that follows a November football practice, we are taking care of final details before picking up the oldest son and heading home for dinner. . . It has been a long day for at least three of us. A long stretch of weeks for us all. Tonight’s […]

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