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Is Macon a walkable city?

I’ve been out of my walking groove lately.  This is likely caused by withdrawal from the silver sand of Saint Simons Island and the fact that returning from vacation means catching up on the work you left behind.  And then there is the return of the school schedule – or more importantly —  the AFTER […]

But why a coffee shop?

“Why a coffee shop?”  It’s the number one question we are asked about Bare Bulb Coffee, a new community of faith that operates in and as a coffee shop in Warner Robins, GA.  Here are a few of the reasons we chose to reimagine church in this way: People like coffee shops.  In many communities, […]

Not a lily, but the message is the same…

This flower happened to me this week. My kitchen window is lined with tiny glass vases. I like the way they catch the afternoon light even when they are empty.   One is a tiny Patron bottle that holds the story of a birthday celebration with a friend. Another is a tiny syrup bottle from Cracker […]

A Word About Where I Work

A little more than five years ago, an idea jumped on me and would not let me go.  “What if,” I wondered, “the church provided an extended living room for the neighborhood around us?”  “Could such a place become a hub for mission, for art, and for the encouragement of faith?” Bare Bulb Coffee – […]